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Our story begins in 1979

       Nick and Georgia Rentoulis decided to pursue the American Dream and purchased the Towne Restaurant  in 1979.  Both Georgia and Nick were Greek Immigrants, they had met in North Plainfield, and they both had a passion for hospitality.  They both wanted to pursue their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. They purchased the business and moved out to Clinton Township.  They had two children, Matina and Dino. 

        The restaurant was always a lunchonette but Nick and Georgia added the flair and gusto of a Greek diner.  The couple worked very hard through the years and they were very well embraced by their local community. They were truly living the American Dream.  In 1995, when Matina was in college, and Dino was in high school, Georgia died quite suddenly, leaving Nick to focus squarely on the business and assuage his grief.  Georgia has never been forgotten and continues to forever live in our hearts.

    Dino has always worked in the business, throughout high school and college.  After graduating college, Dino came on full time, and in 2003 the major renovation was undertaken, as many recall the restaurant was closed the entire month of September. The restaurant underwent a complete renovation with all new furniture equipment, electrical, hvac, and structural building changes. The community really supported the reopening and we couldn't be more delighted with the outcome.  

        Throughout the years the restaurant has seen healthier options and enhanced menu items.  The restaurant has been able to transition very well throughout the years to menu trends without losing its core principles. Dino eventually purchased the business from Nick.  Dino and his wife Chrisa have been able to add the spark of youth, especially as they have introduced the third generation of the Rentoulis clan: Georgia, Nicholas, and George. They currently live in Clinton where they both continue to be active in their local community.

    This is our story, come in and introduce yourself and tell us your story, we would love to hear it!

Our Team